Creative team development

Collaboration, curiosity and constant change

In a world that is getting more complex, competetive and fast-moving by the minute, strong and well functioning teams that embraces collaboration, curiosity and constant change are key to success (and in the end survival).

As a creative team developer I facilitate this shift in teams.


The time of agile teams is now!

Videos & interviews

Stendahls//Virus in 3 minutes

Stendahls//Virus was a six months long experiment. We set up a team consisiting of me and two brilliant interns, Moa and Gabriel, with a clear goal – to challenge Stendahls’ way of working and creative methods.

Student workshops: Creative methods days

This is a two day lecture I did on creative methods for the event students at YRGO in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Student workshops: Digital Week

Me and the rest of the Stendahls // Virus team created a workshop week to give the first-year students at YRGO more tools in their digital toolbox.

”Hey there Christer Hedberg”

Interview (in Swedish) regarding the team development work I do at Stendahls.

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