Stendahls // Virus

Creativity, Team development
About This Project

Stendahls // Virus is Stendahls’ six month long internal test bed for creative and team methods. The team consists of Moa and Gabriel – two brilliant advertising students and me.


Instead of letting the students be ”flies on the wall” that shadows creatives in a team, I set up a brand new team – Stendahls // Virus, with a clear purpose – do great creative work in live projects and at the same time challenge every convention on how the work is done and we as a team is organized. All three members of the team are ”creatives”. We’re convinces that a great team culture is key to success.


Being super curious, we pick up methods from other agencies and creatives that inspires us – new methods that we try out on a daily basiss. By using a tight feedback loop we’re able to adopt methods that works for us as fast as we discard methods that doesn’t suit us. The knowledge and insights we’re building up in the Stendahls // Virus team is then communicated to the rest of the agency.