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About This Project

After a summer with record numbers for tourism in Gothenburg, the new is being launched, containing over a thousand experiences packaged in a easily navigated and inspirational site with great opportunities for the future. is the result of a close cooperation between Stendahls and the client Göteborg & Co. The new website is nominated in Grand Travel Awards.

The purpose with the new is to get more people to experience Gothenburg and make the range of the city available for all, no matter who you are or where you are.

– In the first version of the website, we focused on gathering the gigantic amount of material that already existed on the old website, and to make that available, easy to navigate and inspiring, says Fredrik Adlemo, project manager at Stendahls.

He continues:
– The new website is available for all devices. It’s easy to search and filter different types of activities, lodging, restaurants and shopping. With each search, you will get tips on related content, together with big inspiring images that provides a living feeling an a nice taste of what this city has to offer.

The work with the new website has been a close collaboration between client and agency, where collaborative meetings have replaced the more traditional ones. This has resulted in a successful result, but also in big plans for the future.

– New will be developed as time goes with new functions, since future solutions and innovative services are built into the technology that is already there. The next step is, for example, to make the site adapted for the individual, work with place control and let the people of Gothenburg and tourist create the content through social feeds. We see exciting opportunities for new innovative services and to connect the digital experience with the physical in different ways, says Fredrik Adlemo. has been nominated for the Grand Travel Awards.

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