Stendahls Agency Eggs

About This Project

Our neat and eco-friendly agency eggs

What can we recycle? The question arose during one lunch hour at Stendahls. From there, it was the start of our eggs. Eco-friendly eggs which we get from hens that are being fed leftover food.

Since hens are basically omnivores, the solution appeared before us. Why don’t we collect the leftover food from everyone working at Stendahls, when they’re finished with their lunches, and feed them to hens? And since Anders, one of the employees at Stendahls, owns hens that are free-range, it all made sense.

For a few months, the team behind the project met at lunchtime. Once the project was settled and the idea clear, we wrote copy, designed logos and boxes, and created a website. Passion and joy brought to project forward, and finally; there they were.

We call them Stendahls eggs. Packaged neatly, each box is stamped with our own logo, and a little help from a stamp maker in New York City’s East Village. And it’s all about one single egg, in one single box. Anders’ hens aren’t like the ones at the egg factories. There won’t be a huge amount of eggs produced every week. So our eggs won’t come in a six-pack like the ones at the supermarket.

Each egg from Anders’ hens is unique, and they are also numbered. When an egg gets ready to be sent out, we draw a name from a list of people who have signed up to receive an agency egg. Then, the egg gets sent out to the lucky winner. And the rest will just have to wait for a new, fresh egg.


Anders Brunoson
Anna Feeney
Carl Fritzell
Christer Hedberg
Daniel Blecher
Josef Brinck Davidsson
Mats-Ola Persson
Thomas Sempf
Thomas Varga
Torbjörn Winckler
Ylva Nestmark


Did you know: Stendahls Eggs also has its own website. Visit and learn more at