Christer Hedberg | Creativity & photography
Workshop facilitator and Creative team developer at Stendahls by day, sports and music photographer by night and curious as hell by habit.
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About me

Workshop facilitator and creative team developer at advertising agency Stendahls by day. Sports and music photographer by night. Curious as hell by default.


I turn ideas into value. And I make it possible by assembling really awesome teams. Sounds easy? Everything is easy — with a great team.


I am Christer. And I am a lot of things.

Creative team developer

I push teams to strive even higher, to do even better. In my work as a creative team developer I help teams to embrace collaboration, curiosity and today's demand for constant change. Amazing lives outside the comfort zone.

Workshop facilitator

The power of a team effort is something I’m a strong and firm believer in. As a workshop facilitator, I help team find insights and reach desired objectives in new, better and more engaging ways. And at the same time having a fun time. Fun is important.


Sports and music photography are two of my creative outlets. As a former cyclist, cycling photography is my true passion — where I document both the beauty and pain in the sport.

Some of the projects I’ve worked on

Latest blog posts